Gifts for the Co-Worker

Gifts for the co-worker is one of the most fun to shop for. I love to spoil fellow girl bosses with pretty office accessories that are otherwise difficult to justify purchasing themselves. I’ve rounded up 12 really cute and affordable ideas for any of you who are also looking for a special something for your favorite co-workers.

Drawer set – This cute drawer set is perfect for catching notebooks, and loose papers, but it would also be handy for storing things like extra art supplies and materials for someone more creative. Whether you’re shopping for a home office, or cute accessories for a cubicle, this pretty drawer set will definitely set the space apart.

Chic pen set – I love this gold pen set from Kate Spade. Hints of gold are so popular for office spaces right now, and gifting this set with a cute pen cup would make for a really sweet and useful co-worker gift.

File storage box – I think this little guy will be on my Christmas list. I’ve always got a ton of file folders and prefer the hanging versions to keep everything organized.

Personalized note cube – If there’s one thing that I’m constantly reaching for in the office–my most used office supply–it’s post-in notes. But I get so annoyed when a few stacks of post-its are cluttering up my otherwise organized space. Enter this adorable personalized note cube. It’s big enough to last a good long while, and comes in a bunch of really cute colors.

2018 planner – As girl bosses, there’s nothing we need more than our planners. Many of us tote ours around with pride, constantly penciling in reminders and dates. This is one thing that I simply could not live without (and feel my life unraveling if I so much as forget it at home for a day). Gift your lovely co-workers one of these cute and affordable planners to keep everything organized for the new year.

Business card holder – I purchased a fun business card holder a few years ago and it’s one of those little accessories that makes you feel official. It’s always fun to pull out a pretty case with your signature cards when attending networking events, conferences, or just making connections out and about.

Floral office penMetallic staplerDecorative scissors – Standard issue office supplies can be so dull, and that’s why gifting some cute ones is a great and useful gift idea for your co-workers. It’s one of those things that we see while shopping and think, “Oh, that’s so cute but I have way better things to spend my money on,” which makes them the perfect gift.

High heels commuter bag – Anyone who has any amount of walking to do in order to get to their office can understand why having something to corral and protect my heels while commuting would be lovely. I normally just toss them into my tote, right along with my lunch and makeup–where I’ve been known to have a few coffee spills. I love the

Personalized rubber stamper – For anyone who appreciates a handwritten note, this personalized stamper is a sweet touch to add to otherwise ordinary correspondence. It’ll add a little something extra, and stand out to the receiver. I always think of my grandma when it comes to pretty stationary; I don’t think anyone appreciates my handwritten notes more than she!

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