4 Awesome Gift Ideas for New Parents

With a lot of friends and family having babies at this stage of life, you may be looking for gift ideas for new parents. I’ve found that the most appreciated gifts are the ones that, in some way, provide the new parents with a bit of relief. These 4 gift ideas for new parents all do exactly that.

4 Awesome Gift Ideas for New Parents

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A home-cooked meal

Bringing a new baby home comes with many sleepless nights. Those first weeks and months are exhausting and, oftentimes, the last thing the new mom and dad want to do is slave over a meal. Plus, they’ll have friends and family stopping by to meet the newest bundle of joy during those first few weeks and it can feel like they need to have snacks or meals to offer their guests.

Make your signature dish and take it to the happy couple so that they can enjoy on a particularly tiring day, or have a stress-free meal while you visit. Lasagna is usually a great option since it can be made ahead of time and frozen unbaked, but I also love enchiladas, stuffed peppers, and soups. Another great option is to make an easy breakfast item that can be frozen in individual servings. These buttermilk waffles are the perfect treat after sleepless nights.

Varieties of cheese and crackers are other great options, since they can be quickly pulled into an appetizer for guests stopping by.

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Offering to clean while they rest

Seriously, who wants to clean on a regular day, let alone right after having a baby? Offering to clean for the new parents will be so appreciated, especially since they’ll probably be struggling to decide whether to nap themselves or take care of chores around the house. Ask what time the baby usually sleeps best and then stop over with cleaning supplies to tidy up while they get some shut-eye.

A gift card for a food delivery service

This was one of my favorite gifts as a new parent. On those extra tiring nights when it’s just mom and dad and no one feels like dirtying the kitchen, having an UberEats or GrubHub gift card is a life-saver!

Manicure or pedicure

Taking time for pampering is often the last thing on mom (or dad’s) mind after baby comes. If you’re skilled at giving a mani/pedi, pamper mom with a fresh nail makeover. Otherwise, find her favorite spa and pick up a gift card for her to enjoy a day out. Other great options are brow services, facials, and massages.

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