3 Tips for Making Mouth-Watering Buttermilk Waffles

Do you live for weekend brunch? I mean, is there anything better than putting on a pot of coffee and then sitting down for breakfast at home? I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. It’s no joke when I say that I start thinking about weekend brunch recipes on Monday morning, and these buttermilk waffles are one of my absolute favorite recipes for those lazy Sunday mornings!

I’ve made these waffles on several occasions and not once have they disappointed, so I wanted to share my no-fail tips to ensure they come out perfectly every single time!

Spoon batter into each quadrant, instead of in the middle of the iron.

I learned this tip from Bobby Flay and, honestly, Bobby never gets it wrong. Instead of scooping the batter into the center intersection area of the waffle iron (which creates waffles that look a little too perfect), give them a homemade look by scooping the batter into the center of each waffle area.

Let them get brown and crispy.

The key to getting these to come out perfectly is to let them cook until they are golden brown and the edges are good and crispy. Trust me, you don’t want to eat these soft. That crispy edge makes ALL the difference! (I’m drooling just thinking about them!)

Splurge on high-quality topping ingredients.

I swear, until we moved to the country, I didn’t even know what good butter was. We get ours from a local farm and oh my gosh is it ever delicious! You can also use whipped cream, fresh seasonal fruit, or yogurt. Using high-quality ingredients will take your waffles to a new level!

Let the kids join in.

Kids love to help out in the kitchen and this is a great recipe to get them involved. Little ones can stir the batter or (like Josie) do a taste-test once it’s prepared. Older kids can scoop the waffle batter onto the iron. I love to use cooking together as a fun way to start off the weekend with quality family time.

Have I convinced you to try this buttermilk waffle recipe?

The recipe is from the experts at Food Network Kitchen and you can find it right here. I’ve tried my fair share of waffle recipes and this one, as its name implies, is hands down the best!

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  1. 9.4.20
    Eli said:

    Oh yummy!! Can i have a couple of those please?
    And yes, there’s nothing like a good breakfast at home!

    Eli | Curly Style

    • 9.5.20
      Lauren said:

      Thanks, Eli! They really are my absolute favorite; they’re such a great indulgence. <3

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