Five Timeless Pieces to Have In Your Grown-Up Wardrobe

If there’s one question that I get asked the most, it’s “what are your top five closet staples?” So today, I’ve rounded up exactly those and packaged them into one handy list for you.

timeless wardrobe staples

Wardrobe Staples for Millennial Women

Pointed-Toe Nude Pumps

Any time I’m asked the question, “what is your number one wardrobe staple,” my answer is always a pair of nude pumps. This has to be, without a doubt, the most-worn item in my wardrobe. They’re a must-have for anyone working in a professional setting, but they can also be worn for weddings, special events, and even date nights. I always recommend this as a splurge-worthy item in your wardrobe because they are incredibly versatile.

A Black Blazer

Right up there with nude pumps is my love of blazers–specifically one in black. Get one that’s tailored to your shape (meaning make it a point to purchase it in extended sizing, if necessary). Blazers are an absolute must-have for any grown-up wardrobe. They translate from date nights to work days effortlessly, and you’ll always have that french-girl chic vibe around your look when you wear one.

timeless pieces for grown up wardrobes

A Minimal Black Dress

I say minimally because then you have the ability to make this dress whatever you need it to be. In terms of styles, go with whatever shape or silhouette you feel the most comfortable in. If the detailing is minimal, you’ll be able to mix up accessories like scarves, shoes, jewelry, and handbags to make it as dressy or professional, or casual as necessary.

I’ve worn this one for everything from work, to a wedding, to blog events. It’s a great baseline for creating a uniquely special outfit each time you wear it.

distressed jeans and heels

Well-Fitting Skinny Jeans

I recommend skinny jeans as a closet staple because they work with a variety of shoe options. They can be worn with flats as easily as they can with heels, and you have no worries of extra fabric dragging on the ground. They’re also perfect for tucking into tall boots without creating extra bulk. Jeans are, without a doubt, another splurge-worthy wardrobe staple.

If you’ve never been one to believe in spending a ton of money on jeans, please, treat yourself to one pair of investment jeans. You’ll be amazed at how well they wear time after time, with a little stretching, and conform to your shape. There’s no question that the additional dollars contribute to higher-quality fabric that will outlast years of wear.

colorful modern baby announcement

Gold Hoop Earrings

You may not consider jewelry a closet staple, but I love a good pair of yellow gold hoop earrings. If you find them in a moderate size–not too big or small–then they’ll be both professional and dressy. I loved the way they dressed up my look for our baby announcement (pictured above), but yet are totally office appropriate because of their simplicity and size.

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