Fitting Room Try-Ons: Express Denim Shorts

I’ve been on the hunt for denim shorts–something I actually don’t often wear anymore–so today I’m sharing some fitting room try-ons with you on my findings. Read on for the details!

I had read that Express carried well-fitting options in jeans, and because they were running their “Buy One, Get One for $29.90” deal, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try on a few pairs.

I tried on almost every pair at my local store. It’s been a really long time since I’ve purchased something from Express, so I wasn’t sure of how the sizing ran. I started out trying on 0 regulars, but quickly found that depending on the cut, I needed a 2 instead.

Here’s what I tried:

High Waisted Frayed Hem Denim Cutoff Shorts (Size 2)

In my search, I was specifically looking for a pair of high-waisted dark to medium wash denim. I wouldn’t say that I was leaning towards cut off versus rolled hem, but rather the best fitting pair I could find.

My problem with shorts, and sometimes jeans, is that it’s difficult to find a pair that fits in both the waist and the butt area. It’s usually more likely that I find a pair that is comfortable across the butt, but has a lot of gaping at the waist. This particular pair felt pretty good on.

Generally speaking, all of the shorts I tried on had a good amount of stretch in the fabric, so none were really all that uncomfortable.

Express Low Rise Relaxed Cutoff Denim Shorts (Size 0)

These definitely are low rise. I haven’t worn a low rise jean since college, so these would take me some getting used to. Overall, I liked the color and the fit. I found that with any pair of “Relaxed” shorts, I needed to size down. I’m wearing these in a Size 0, and the fit was comfortable.

Low Rise Distressed Denim Cutoff Shorts (Size 2)

This color had actually been what I was most looking for, however the gaping in the waist was just too great. They did not have a size 0 in store, so I was unable to try them. It’s possible that I would’ve felt differently about the sizing had I been able to try the smaller size. There was just far too much gaping in this pair to be comfortable.

Low Rise Relaxed Destroyed Denim Shorts (Size 2)

Ok, really not a fan of this pair of jeans. I do not like the look of a tight fitting cuffed short. I think it just makes my butt look ten thousand times bigger than it already is. I don’t want to emphasize the booty. These were a definite no, and I didn’t try on any other cuffed jeans after these.

Low-Rise Performance Stretch Lace Cutoff Shorts (Size 2)

I actually really, really liked this pair of shorts. They were hands down the most comfortable and best-fitting pair that I tried on. I’m wearing them in a Size 2. I don’t particularly love the lace on the bottom, but I wouldn’t be opposed to cutting it off and just wearing the shorts plain.

High Waisted Destroyed Denim Shorts (Size 2)

These were ultimately the same fit as the medium wash shorts above, and I really liked this pair of shorts. The distressing was just enough, and I thought they would be a nice alternative to my scallop bottom white shorts and ruffle shorts, when I want something more casual.

I also wanted to mention this shirt because it was so, so comfortable. I tied it up with these shorts, and really liked the way it laid. I can also see it with a fitted black pencil skirt.

Ladder Back Shaker Knit Sweater

I also wanted to mention this sweater because I liked the fit. It has the look of being tucked in, with a waist-skimming hemline, without actually needing to be tucked in. It comes in three colors: white, grey, and pink. (It took all I had not to try on the white one). This is a nice lightweight summery sweater to have for chilly days or nights.

Long Sleeve Zip Front Sheath Dress (XS)

And last, I tried on this simple LBD. This dress would be a great addition to anyone’s work wardrobe. It unfortunately did not come in petite, so I tried on the regular. It was definitely too big for me–pretty much all around–and I don’t feel like it was worth tailoring. However, if you can do regular sizing and you’re looking for a great wear-everywhere dress, I think this is a great option. It’s a little bit sexy with the zipper and defined waist, but the sleeves balance it out enough to be appropriate for work.

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  1. 4.21.17
    Vicky said:

    I also love the sweater and the striped shirt you wore at the beginning!!

    • 4.25.17
      Lauren said:

      That striped shirt is so unbelievably soft!