Feminine Home Decor for a Small Apartment

Today is an exciting post: my dear friend Catie, blogger and stylist at The Fem Hem, is sharing her feminine decor ideas for a small apartment. She has impeccable style, both in her clothes and her home, and I know you’re going to enjoy this peek inside her beautiful apartment!

In her home and her personal style, Catie has a true knack for combining a mix of patterns and textures to create an interesting, yet cohesive feel. Her home is the perfect reflection of her personality: beautiful, feminine, and classic. Below, she’s sharing her top tips for decorating a small apartment. Scroll down for the interview!

If you could give one piece of advice for someone looking to decorate their home, what would it be?

The most important thing to remember when decorating your home is the fact that your home should be a reflection of YOU (and your family). I think it’s really easy to get overwhelmed or rely on Pinterest or Instagram as the “how-to” decorate. I certainly love to use social media for inspiration, but it can often lead to disappointment and cloud the true meaning behind decorating the space. Decorate with items you love whether they’re new or vintage, on-trend or simply comfortable. Decorating is a labor of love and takes time. I’m constantly editing my home and tweaking things as I evolve as a person. Your home is your space. Make it a place you enjoy being and want to invite others into! 
feminine tiny apartment decor-cg styling

You have such a mix of modern and traditional pieces. How do you combine them, but still create a cohesive feel?

I love mixing modern elements with natural, organic textures and unique finds. I want my home to have a cozy, collected vibe. I think traditional pieces provide that more comfortable feel and then adding vintage or more modern lines add interest and personal taste. The way to make your space feel cohesive starts with balance. It helps to create or have an anchoring piece/ pieces that you can then design the rest of the space around. Balance is created through shape, colors, pattern, and textures. I try to maintain a rhythm to the space so that when you move your eyes around it you see a similar color or feature in a pillow, a painting and also in the rug. That way the room is harmonious, even though I have pieces that may fall into different style categories!   

feminine tiny apartment-cg styling
feminine tiny apartment-cg styling

For someone who is totally clueless about home decor, how do you recommend they get started?

Take it slow! The idea of decorating a room or let alone a whole house can be extremely overwhelming. Start by styling a bookshelf, mantle or bar cart to gain some confidence in your decisions! I recommend using a piece from somewhere else in your home as a place to start. Maybe it’s something passed down in your family, your child’s piece of art, or a collection of vases you love. Reinvent something you already have in a new way in your house. Then let all of your other choices for the space be guided by that. I also think going neutral is another great place to start. If you’re thinking of decorating a specific space choose a neutral shade (white, grey, beige) and then bring in pieces that are in the same color palette but different textures and shades! 

feminine tiny apartment-cg styling

feminine tiny apartment-cg styling
feminine tiny apartment-cg styling
feminine tiny apartment-cg styling

What is your all-time favorite decor item in your home and why?

Oh man, this is a tough one to answer! I feel like I have a few pieces with meaning or a good story behind them. If I had to pick a favorite item, it would be my pink chair. It was one of the first times I saw something at a vintage store and knew I was meant to have it. At the time I didn’t have the right space for it, but I bought it anyway. Sure enough, when I moved to a new apartment it worked out perfectly and ended up influencing how I decorated the rest of the house! Decor and style are about listening to your gut and not being afraid to take risks! 
feminine tiny apartment-cg styling

Where are your favorite places to find unique home accents?

 I’m always looking for unique home accents wherever I go! The obvious, more budget-friendly options are Home Goods, Target, Ikea, West Elm. I definitely look at on-line retailers like Serena & Lily, Wayfair, and Amazon, as well!  I love antique shopping and local boutiques for the more unique, give the room some character kind of pieces. I also try to find accents when I travel to bring back to my home with me. 

feminine tiny apartment-cg styling

Thank you to Catie for sharing so much goodness to help us all get started! For more of her decor tips, check out this post on refreshing your home for summer.

Want even more decor content? Let me know what you’d like to see in the comments below, or start browsing here!

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