Fall Capsule Wardrobe Edits + October Update

Well guys, I have officially finished my first month with my casual fall capsule wardrobe. As promised, I’m sharing my notes with you about the process: what is working, what is not, and what I’ve changed. If any of you have your own capsule wardrobe, or are trying to minimize for the first time, I would love to hear about your experiences as well. Please share in the comments or send me an email!


  • Cutting down on spending – One of my major reasons for creating a capsule wardrobe was to encourage thoughtful purchases and discourage impulse buys. Since beginning my fall capsule, I have replaced one sweater and one pair of jeans. When I feel like I don’t have the right types of clothing for the weather, or if it feels like I have too much of the same thing, I pull clothes from storage instead of going shopping to fill the holes.
  • Clothes are easy to mix and match – Determining the color palette up front has made it really easy to mix and match pieces and create many outfits.
  • Using accessories to create different outfits – blanket scarves, hats, gloves, belts and jewelry have made it easy to make the most of wearing fewer pieces.


  • Limiting shoes and outerwear – Pittsburgh weather is completely unpredictable. Last week, I wore gloves and a wool coat during my morning commute, but only a lightweight sweater for the commute home. The temperature ranges in one day, let alone one month, have made it difficult to limit my shoes and outerwear. Going forward, I plan to remove these items from my capsules and instead create only a core wardrobe of tops and bottoms, treating outerwear and shoes more like accessories (meaning they can be switched in and out, as necessary). I don’t put these items in storage, so this is not a major adjustment.
  • Not enough color variation on my office capsule – I created two capsules, one for weekend and one for work. I haven’t shared my work capsule because I am still figuring out what works best. I’ll be honest, I’m struggling with that. In summary, I got bored with my work capsule very quickly. It was primarily black, and I found myself wearing the same few things over and over again. Last weekend, I pulled my clothes from storage and added in a few pieces for color.
  • Storing work and “play” clothes separately – there have been occasions where I have wanted to wear items from my work capsule on the weekend, or vice versa. Mostly out of stubbornness, I have use the capsules for their original purpose. For the winter capsule, I think I’ll be more successful to create one larger capsule for both work and weekend.

fall casual capsule wardrobe edit

From the time I started the capsule (late in September) to now, the temperature changes have ranged from near 80 degrees to 40 degrees. I had plenty of items that worked for warm and cool temperatures, but nothing to combat the cold–especially in outerwear. I swapped the items crossed out above with the items below from storage for a little more warmth. I’ve been much happier with these pieces than the originals (I’m specifically looking at that wool coat!). Additionally, rain boots and [eventually] winter snow boots will be worn as needed, though they aren’t listed on the capsule. If we’re experiencing any sort of precipitation, I commute to work in weather boots to prolong the life of my pumps and flats.

fall casual capsule wardrobe edit
Denim Shirt | Sweater | Turtleneck


Stay tuned for more outfits from this capsule and another status update at the end of November!

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