Easy DIY Kids Halloween Costumes You Can Make in Under 10 Minutes

Whether you love or hate Halloween, chances are your little one loves it. A whole night where people just hand you candy?! What’s not to love? All that to say, you’re going to need to find them (and maybe you) a Halloween costume and, when it comes to Halloween costumes, I’m all about ones that are affordable, easy to make, and a little more creative than the latest kids’ movie characters that fill the stores. With that in mind, I went off in search of some SUPER simple (I’m talking minimal effort here) costumes that were creative, affordable, and utilized things we already had on hand or could use again in the future. Not a short order right? After some serious Pinterest deep dives, I’ve rounded up 7 super easy DIY kids Halloween costumes, and they all can be made in just about 10 minutes.

Easy DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

easy DIY halloween costume-jellyfish

Jelly Fish

Image: Today’s Parent

This is such a cute and clever costume idea, and one you really don’t see around. If you’re looking for a unique costume idea, this is a great option. It doesn’t take much but it really stands out!

What You Need:
  • clear umbrella
  • silver and/or white ribbon
  • plastic eyes
  • white top and bottom
easy DIY halloween costume-pencil

Number 2 Pencil

Image: mrsecannon

Talk about easy! All you need to do for this one is paint a piece of poster board and you’re good to go!

What You Need:
  • yellow dress or top and bottom
  • white poster board
  • black and yellow paint
  • optional, elastic band to keep hat on
easy DIY halloween costume-lego

Lego Block

Image: Today’s Parent

Another super clever idea that would be easily recognizable is this lego block. This is a fun idea to try with multiple kids or family members with everyone wearing a different color. Choose a block that matches some clothes you already have in your closet and you’re good to go!

What You Need:
  • cereal box
  • egg carton
  • paint
  • solid color top and bottom to match paint
  • matching yarn or string to tie lego block
easy DIY halloween costume-ice cream stand

Ice Cream Server


This one is all in the props. Grab an old shoe box, wrap it in white craft paper, and then cut different ice cream shapes out of an old cardboard box to create your ice cream offerings. This would be really fun for older kids who are able to design and create their own ice cream bars and sundaes.

What You Need:
  • shoe box
  • white craft paper
  • construction paper
  • cardboard box
  • markers or paint
  • white apron
  • ice cream hat
easy DIY halloween costume-m&M candy

M&M Candy

Image: Live Well Play Together

The easiest of the bunch, this M&M candy costume is as simple as they come! All you need for this one is an outfit in a primary color and a sheet of iron-on paper. You can either create the “m” on the computer, or keep it even simpler by drawing it by hand.

What You Need:
  • solid color dress or top and bottom
  • iron–on paper
easy DIY halloween costume-rainy day

Rainy Day

Image: Today’s Parent

Here’s another option that can be created almost entirely of things you have on hand. You’ll likely only need to pick up some synthetic pillow stuffing to create this cute weather-themed costume.

What You Need:
  • rain coat and boots
  • umbrella
  • synthetic pillow stuffing
  • blue construction paper
  • yarn or fishing line


Image: Primary.com

This is such a fun and relevant costume idea. You could easily let your little one pick out their favorite emoji to create their costume. This would work especially well for a family that has a few kids.

What You Need:
  • solid yellow top and bottom or dress
  • black, red, and white felt
  • scissors
easy DIY halloween costume-bubble bath

Bubble Bath

Image: Today’s Parent

This bubble bath costume is too cute, and what little one doesn’t love a good bubble bath? Simple blow up a few balloons and safety pin them to your little one’s shirt and pants. You could also sew them if you have a needle/thread, but safety pins are definitely the easiest option.

What You Need:
  • white top and bottoms
  • white balloons
  • safety pins
  • a sponge or scrub brush
  • rubber duck
  • shower cap
easy DIY halloween costume-gum ball machine

Gum Ball Machine

Image: Pretty Life Girls

Depending on how fast you can use a hot glue gun, this one might take you more than 10 minutes, but it’s still adorable! Safety pin a “25 cent” sign to your kids’ waist to mimic this adorable bubble gum machine costume.

What You Need:
  • white t-shirt
  • solid color pants
  • white index card
  • black permanent marker
  • safety pin
  • colored felt balls
  • hot glue sticks
  • hot glue gun


Image: mrsecannon

I’m seriously considering this one for my daughters. I feel like our littlest would be so cute as a fluffy marshmallow! But how easy is this costume? I’m here for the no-sew minimal effort costume! A+ on this one.

What You Need:
  • 1 solid brown top and bottom
  • 1 solid white top and bottom
  • brown construction paper
  • black permanent marker

Where to Find Even More Ideas for Easy DIY Kids Halloween Costumes

Hands down, my favorite place for finding inspiration for easy DIY Halloween costumes is Primary. If you’ve never heard of Primary, it’s an online children’s retailer that sells the highest quality kids’ basics in solid colors (some also come in stripes or polka dots). I’ve purchased their clothing for my own children over the years and it holds up great to constant washing and wearing. Generally speaking, it can be hard to find simple, solid color clothing for little ones as most baby and kids clothes come in a variety of bright colors and prints. Primary is my go-to for plain pieces, which makes it the perfect option for Halloween costumes!

They have an entire gallery of DIY kids Halloween costumes ideas that can be created using their clothing as the foundation. Click the button below to search their inspiration gallery!

Looking for more Halloween ideas?

For even more fun Halloween inspiration, go check out this post on Best Modern Halloween Decor and where to find it!

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