Make Gifting Personal with Custom Keepsake Photographs

This summer, I had the absolute pleasure of working with a local Pittsburgh photographer and artist, Anthony Musmanno, mastermind behind The Keepist.

The mission for his custom keepsake photography: to transform your keepsake into fine art.

In working together, I had the opportunity to receive a gifted print of my own keepsake–hydrangeas from my grandmother’s garden. These are special to me for a few reasons. First, of course, because she has the greenest thumb I know and her garden is what my flower dreams are made of.

But also because these beautiful flowers lined the church and altar on our wedding day. For being such showstoppers, they’re also sweetly simple, and perfect for a summer wedding.

When Anthony approached me about photographing a keepsake, it took me quite a while to decide on what it should be. I’m not one to hold onto physical items for sentimental reasons and am known for tossing things once they’ve served me–despite where they came from.

As we talked, I mentioned to Anthony that I was considering these flowers, and he was very much on board. Once I handed them over to him–in a bucket full of water no less–I left him to his creative devices to turn them into art.

What he created for me was so much more than I expected.

He entwined three hydrangeas together, each turning a different color, to represent our family: Arnie, Josie, and myself, together as one. It was such a beautiful sentiment–even beyond the flowers themselves.

What was an already a very special memento of our lives together is now even moreso, and it’s captured in a way that we can enjoy in our home every single day. That is a credit to the artistic genius of Anthony Musmanno and his work as The Keepist.

With the holidays fast approaching, and 2020 granting us with a new perspective on what’s truly important, a custom photograph of you or your loved one’s personal keepsake is the kind of gift that lives on for years to come. One that can be enjoyed and appreciated every single day.

The options for custom keepsake photographs are endless. You’ll see that Anthony has created works of art from concert tickets, to loose change, to post-it notes–each one equally unique and meaningful to their recipients.

Beyond the fine art that will grace your or your loved one’s home, you’ll also be supporting a local Pittsburgh artist, and working with a true gem of a human. If these photographs sound like your kind of gift, here’s where you can find more information about The Keepist.

Instagram: @the_keepist

*While this photograph was gifted to me in exchange for a blog post, all thoughts are completely my own, and I only work with brands that I truly admire, respect, and honestly endorse.

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