Closet Staple: Wrap Blouse


DSC_8553(2)If you are looking for closet staples, here’s a piece to add to your list. The classic wrap blouse is universally flattering–meaning it works on all shapes and sizes, curves or no curves. I’m wearing the Banana Republic Draped Jersey Top (currently on sale for under $35) in the petite-sizing. They have several other wrap-style tops here. I also love their Gemma Wrap dresses for a one-and-done look. This would make a very simple, yet put together ensemble for the office, happy hour, date night–you name it. A good wrap dress is a staple on my list for 2015. My closet is currently lacking any long-sleeved dresses in general, but I think this is a really nice, versatile starting point.

Let me know your thoughts; happy shopping!


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  1. Lisa wrote:

    That wrap blouse looks awesome on you and it does seem like a closest staple! I’ve worn wrap dresses before, but never thought to buy/wear a wrap blouse! Thanks for the inspiration – it will be added to my to-buy list ;)


    Posted 2.11.15 Reply