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Closet Organization: Shoes

If you can’t see it, you won’t wear it.

I build every wardrobe around this concept. An organized place for shoe storage (and the rest of your clothing, for that matter) can be so useful if done in the right way. Today’s post is all about the how to create organized and aesthetically pleasing shoe storage. I’m also sharing my own “Before and After” shoe organization story so you can share my lessons learned.

Organizing any part of your closet is about arranging things in a way that makes sense by making things easily visible and accessible. As an example, let’s take a look at what my shoe closet looked like before I gave it an overhaul.


shoe cabinet shoe organizing

Now, I know some of you will look at this and think it’s not so bad BUT, we’re talking about me, someone with a cold hard case of organizational OCD. This area of the room drove me nuts. Almost all of my heels were too tall to stand up in this shelf, so I had to lay them down, and because it was an open shelf, things got so dusty, which was most unfortunate for my suede shoes.



shoe cabinet shoe organizing

I found this bookcase at IKEA, and knew it was perfect for several reasons:

  • Shelves are adjustable to account for differing heel heights
  • Doors keep everything contained and clean
  • It works double-duty for handbags and accessories
  • Clear doors allow for easy visibility


I tried several methods for organizing my shoes over the years, and I’ve found that the following tips work best:

  • Organize by category (dress flats, sandals, heels, pumps, booties, etc.)
  • Organize by color within each style
  • Store most-worn shoes within closest reach, and least-worn shoes at the top and bottom
  • Arrange shoes toe to heel; this allows you to see both sides of the shoe and also fit more on the shelf

You can see each of these in play throughout the photos of my own shoe closet below. I think this is one of my favorite organizational projects today; it’s such a great solution for keeping shoes tidy while also functioning as a pretty piece of decor.

shoe cabinet shoe organizingshoe cabinet shoe organizingshoe cabinet shoe organizing   shoe cabinet shoe organizing  shoe cabinet shoe organizingshoe cabinet shoe organizingshoe cabinet shoe organizingshoe cabinet shoe organizingshoe cabinet shoe organizing


Did you like today’s post? Would you like to see more organizational solutions like this? Let me know in the comments below.


Thanks so much for reading and have a great week!



Shoe Cabinet: IKEA; Rug: IKEA; Dresser: IKEA; Knobs: Anthropologie; Vase: Pier1 (old)



Love this!!! One question, where did you put the tall boots that were on top of the shelves in the 'before' picture?
    I actually got rid of them, but I do keep my tall rain boots near the entrance of the apartment on a separate shelf, along with running shoes, just because they're usually dirtier. But, this shelving unit would allow you to adjust the height for tall boots if you wanted. Hope that helps!
Tamara Maddux
Where did you get the extra shelves? I know this IKEA unit only comes with 5, your picture shows 9. Were you able to order additional or did you just make them. If you made them are the pegs a standard peg so I won't have any problems adding additional shelves?
    Lauren Bernard
    Hi Tamara, IKEA actually sells the extra shelves for this exact unit so you can get them right from them at the perfect fit! I bought a few of them with this unit.
Did YOU have to buy extra pegs as well? Do you happen to know the size of the PEGS and shelves that are needed? I'm HAVing a HARD time finding extra shelves and pegs
    Lauren Bernard
    I️ think that the extra pegs must have come with my extra shelves? I️ did not have to boy anything separate from the extra shelves? I️ did buy 2-3 extra shelves though!
Hi Lauren, I love this idea. Did you have to secure the furniture to the wall so that it doesn't fall over?
    Lauren Bernard
    Thank you, Maria! It’s honestly been one of my favorite organizing solutions. To answer your question, yes it is secured to the wall with the anchors it cane with. I would definitely recommend doing so.

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