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Okay, readers, I need your help! I’ve narrowed down my leather jackets to the final three with the help of a friend (thanks, Vicky!). They are all quite different from one another, and I can’t decide! Help me out by leaving your vote in the comments.
Women's Leather Jacket

  1. The first is this Classiques Entier Brenna Leather Jacket with Detachable Genuine Toscana Shearling Collar
    (wow, that’s a mouthful!) I like that the fur collar on this one is detachable so it can be classic or a little more chic. It’s a nice extra detail. The sleeves were slim and the slight peplum detail on the back made for a more defined waist line. I’m wearing an XSP. The material is lightweight and very comfortable.
    Women's Leather Jacket(^ with collar)Women's Leather Jacket(^without collar)
  2. The second is the Bernardo Asymmetrical Zip Leather Moto Jacket (I’m wearing an XSP). This is the classic moto-style leather jacket. The gold hardware is chic and on trend. The sleeves were a little longer for petite-sizing, and the material was a bit heavier than the other two, but I liked the classic style of this one.
    Women's Leather Jacket
  3. And last is the Caslon® Drape Collar Leather Jacket in an XXSP. I actually ordered this one in a regular XS and a SP (the XSP is already sold out) for sizing, because the sleeves here are the most slim of the three. While I don’t mind the look, my concern is wearing it with heavier layers in the fall and winter months.
    Women's Leather Jacket
    So, there you have it! Help me decide by telling me which is your favorite and why in the comments below!


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12 Join the Conversation!

  1. 7.22.15
    Kim said:

    hands down – #1 for you.

    • 7.24.15
      Lauren said:

      Thanks, Kim! Looks like both 1 and 3 are getting a lot of votes. Torn between the two, but I do like that fur. 🙂

  2. 7.22.15
    April said:

    #2 is the perfect classic and the gold details are smart. But I’m wondering if it might have some limitations when dressing it up.
    #3’s fit on you is amazing, but I would definitely worry about layering during colder seasons….again limiting the jackets wearability.
    #1 is my pick! The detachable color makes it different and I like different. The peplum and collar dresses it up…take off the collar and add the right boots and it’s dressed down!

    • 7.24.15
      Lauren said:

      Thanks, April! Looks like both 1 and 3 are getting a lot of votes. Torn between the two, but I do like that fur. 🙂 It’s funny because I was really looking for something like #2, but it is just not as flattering as the other two.

  3. 7.22.15
    Mon said:

    Ahhhhh such a tough choice but I have to go with #1

  4. 7.22.15
    Vicky said:

    I really like the #1 now that I got to see it without the fur. It fits you really well. What if peplum goes out of style? You won’t want to wear your jacket! You are right about #3; difficult to wear in the wintertime.

    • 7.24.15
      Lauren said:

      Still so torn between #1 and #3. I’m waiting until the next size up comes in of #3, hoping that might help me decide.

  5. 7.23.15
    Cadia said:

    They are all such great choices, but I would go with #1! It’s the most versatile and can get a lot of use out of it!

    • 7.24.15
      Lauren said:

      Thanks Cadia! #1 and #3 are both getting a lot of votes–I’m still so torn! I do like that fur and the versatility it brings with the detachable collar. Tough call!

  6. 7.27.15
    Niki said:

    I love number three! You can always add a fur stole/scarf for winter!!

    • 7.27.15
      Lauren said:

      Thanks, Niki! Right now number three is ahead by a mere two votes (across all social media). It’s almost decision time! 🙂 love the scarf idea–that would be so chic.