The Best Over-the-Door Organizer For Literally Everything In Your House

Are you using this space?

This over-the-door closet organizer was the solution I didn’t know I needed. It has completely transformed an under-utilized space into a beautiful, accessible storage location. For those living in small apartments or homes, there is no better storage system.

The Best Over-The-Door Organizer

The Container Store Elfa Over-the-Door System

The Container Store’s Elfa Storage system is completely customizable, though you can also purchase one of their pre-built options. Over the years, we’ve used it for everything from medical supplies, accessories, coats, towels, pantry essentials, cleaning supplies, and more.

Here’s a quick overview of what to expect with the Elfa Over-the-Door Rack:

  • Available in pre-built systems or sold separately for totally custom projects
  • Priced around $100 per system (depending on your options)
  • Come in two colors: white or grey
  • Available in basket or mesh styles
  • Vary in style/option to include wrapping paper station, hooks, peg board, and baskets

Elfa Door Rack Installation

Installation is super easy and does not require anything be mounted to a wall or door, which is exceptionally great for apartment dwellers. The system comes with two over-the-door mounts–one for the top and one for the bottom of the door–that are made tight with screws. There’s zero drilling involved and the installation takes no more than 10 minutes.

Basket Options for the Elfa Over-the-Door Organizer

Depending on which options you choose, the thickness can vary. Regardless, you’re only looking at a few inches of space (meaning, you shouldn’t have any trouble closing your door the whole way). Also, the options you choose may vary based on what you plan to store. For example, you’ll notice in our Closet 2 option above, we’re storing medical supplies. These are typically smaller items with a tendency to slip through cracks (e.g. pills, extra dental floss/toothbrushes, etc.). For us, the mesh option was the best choice as it prevents the possibility of anything falling out.

For the handbags, on the other hand, the basket option allows me to easily see all available pieces without obstructing the view. Separately, having the rail option with added hooks on the top means that I can store larger purses or hanging items that are too wide for the door baskets.

What to Store in an Over-the-Door Organizer

Handbag Organization

This was the perfect solution for storing my handbags, which had previously been scattered between the top shelf of my closet and on a set of over-the-door hooks. It was inconvenient at best to access any of them, which meant I generally just grabbed whatever was on the top and forgot about the rest.

The Efla Over-the-Door organizer was a game-changer for handbag storage. With the baskets in place along the bottom of the rack, and the hooks in use across the top, I was able to hang larger bags and then store small clutches in easy reach. Having the ability to see and access all of your accessories when you open the closet door really ensures that you get full use out of them.

Pantry and Backstock Organization

This organizer was also a fantastic option for easily storing our kitchen pantry essentials and back stock items, like extra paper products. Because our bathroom doesn’t allow for mirror storage, this also acted as our medicine cabinet. It is fantastic how many attachment options are available with this system because it allows you to organize just about anything!

More Ways to Organize

The customizations of this organizer are endless, which means so are the uses. This organizer is also perfect for:

  • organizing wrapping and gift supplies,
  • towel and medical supply storage in a small bathroom
  • hats and coats
  • cleaning supplies, mops, and brooms
  • pet leashes, food, and necessities
  • children’s backpacks and school essentials

Where to Find Inexpensive Over-the-Door Organizers

After having this closet door storage installed for just over a month, I can certainly give this product a ringing endorsement. Still, I understand that it is on the pricier side and that, if you don’t want to invest a ton of money into organizational items, then there are some very similar options also on the market. Buying an off-the-shelf option will likely mean that you’re compromising on customizations but that might be totally fine for you. Below are a few options that would also work.

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  1. 1.26.21
    Elle Williams said:

    Which one is the one used for the purses that has the hooks at the top? I want to order that one.

    • 1.26.21
      Lauren said:

      That’s so exciting; you’re going to love it! Plus, there’s a 30% off sale right now so even better!

      I’m using the 2 1/2″ Utility Rack with the Long Board Hooks (pack of 3). I have two packs of hooks on the door for 6 hooks total.

      Hope that helps!

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