The 15 Best Places to Find Holiday PJs for Families

When it comes to cheesy holiday traditions, you can sign me right on up for every single one of them–starting with a fresh set of Holiday PJs for families.

I’ve been rotating through Holiday PJs since the day after Thanksgiving and there’s nothing slowing me down between now and the end of the year! I don’t know what it is about this holiday tradition, but there’s just something nostalgic about cozying up in flannels and thermals, with hot chocolate (or cider) in hand, and enjoying being at home.

15 Places to Find Matching Holiday PJs for Families

Personally, I’m not usually one to dress my family in matching clothing, but I do love a coordinating festive pajama party on Christmas morning. I have my favorite brands and retailers when it comes to selecting family pajamas, and I usually stick with my tried-and-true. That said, there are plenty of options out there for finding some adorable holiday PJs for families, whether you love to match or just want something festive and fun for the whole family. Here are some of my favorite options:

1. Kyte Baby

Hands down, my favorite pajama brand for little ones is Kyte Baby. Their products are made from the softest fabrics I have ever felt, and it’s truly a treat for you or your little one to wear their clothing. (We also love the sleep sacks and sleep bags, which you can even find at Target.) But, they’re also on the pricier side. The good thing about their prints is they don’t scream “holiday,” so you can totally wear these the whole winter season. They have styles for the whole family, and they also mix and match with their solid print jammies. That means you can coordinate without totally matching.

2. Gap

Gap is always a solid option for quality apparel for any age or gender. I’ve found their clothes to hold up well to lots of washing and wearing. If you’ve got multiple kids and love a good hand-me-down, Gap is there for you. I also love that this brand stays true to its preppy but classic vibe, and never feels overly juvenile when it comes to prints. A classic plaid or simple stripe is all you need.

3. Old Navy

Old Navy is one of my go-to budget-friendly picks for kids clothes all year long. They have a ton of matching holiday pjs for families, so you can find something you love without breaking the bank. Similar to Kyte Baby, they also have a nice selection of solid basics, so you can easily mix in some plain basics and still get the matching vibe.

4. J.Crew

J.Crew is another tried-and-true favorite when it comes to anything. In the past, I’ve loved their thermal pj set (still wear it all the time). This year, I actually think I love their mens pajama options best. They’re the most masculine I’ve seen, and you can always count on the quality.

5. J.Crew Factory

J.Crew Factory has so many great options for matching in a classic way that’s not at all cheesy. This is a great place for middle-of-the-road pricing on clothes for littles. (It’s often hard for me to spend money on kids clothes because they’re so good at ruining them.) You always know what you’ll get from the J.Crew brands: something mostly classic, always comfortable, and definitely on the preppy side.

6. Target

Target is another great option for the whole family at an affordable price point. You’ll find options all the way down to your furry friends, so no one will be left out! You can choose between classic plaids or stripes, all the way to illustrated Santa faces and and festive sayings.

7. Carter’s

It’s hard not to love Carter’s when it comes to baby clothes because they’re so accessible. You can find versions of this brand in their retail locations, but also at some other major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. That makes for tons of in-store and shipping options, so you’re covered no matter where you live.

8. Kohls

LC by Lauren Conrad is easily one of my favorite brands to shop at Kohl’s. She does a great job of creating a high end look on a low budget. Beyond her line, there are tons of options for the whole family. Layer on coupons for added savings, and you can dress the clan without worrying about overspending.

9. Hannah Anderson

This one seems to be a cult favorite of many of my mom friends. While I don’t own any of these personally, I know plenty of families who do. This brand is a great choice for fun prints that aren’t shy about color. They’ve got everythign from classic plaids and a beautiful fair isle, to cartoon penquins and gingerbread houses. Prices here are on the higher end, unless you’re able to catch one of their sales!

10. Sleepyheads

Sleepyheads has a TON of options for the whole family at a very reasonable price point. I can’t speak from experience on this one, but they definitely appear to have one of the largest varieties when compare to the other retailers on the list. They even have matching PJs for American Girl dolls which would be such a fun gift for a little girl. (I had Josephina, how about you?)

11. Little Sleepies

I’ve never tried Little Sleepies in the flesh, however the styles and the price point remind me a lot of Kyte Baby but with more options for prints. You’ll see a lot more color in the Little Sleepies selection, compared to those from Kyte Baby. The fabrics look to be of equal quality, and there are plenty of options for the entire family!

12. The Company Store

A little more on the higher end side, the Company Store gives me the New England vibe–preppy, classic, and comfortable. If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, the Company Store is worth a look!

13. Primary

I talked about my love for Primary in this post. They have the largest selection of everyday clothes in every color for your littles. You can create a matching or coordinating holiday look with their solid and stripe options. Plus, since most of their pieces are basics in solid colors, they can easily be worn all year long.

14. Lou Lou and Company

Another wonderful option with luxury fabrics and simple pieces is Lou Lou and Company. Their prints are just enough: simple and classic. You can create a beautiful matching or coordinating look that is also totally sophisticated. This option doesn’t include matching for the whole family though, only the littles. It’s a great option of exceptional quality that can definitely be passed down from kid to kid. These options are also simple enough to wear all year long.

15. Caden Lane

Caden Lane is one of my favorite options for the littlest family members. This brand really focuses on the newborn stage and would make a great gift for anyone in your life who has a new baby. Their swaddles and sleepers are the absolute best. My aunt gifted me a few outfits for Edie when she was born, and it was one of the nicest gifts we received.

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