Best Face Serums: Glossier The Super Pack

The Glossier Super Pack, a collection of three focused face serums are quickly rising to the top of my list of beauty must-haves. Whether your skin is dehydrated, red and broken out, or dull and tired, the Glossier Super Pack is one of the best face serums for targeting your problem area.

Top US beauty blogger, Wellesley & King, reviews the best face serums: Glossier The Super Pack Face Serums

Glossier The Super Pack

Top US beauty blogger, Wellesley & King, reviews the best face serums: Glossier The Super Pack Face Serums Top US beauty blogger, Wellesley & King, reviews the best face serums: Glossier The Super Pack Face Serums Top US beauty blogger, Wellesley & King, reviews the best face serums: Glossier The Super Pack Face Serums Top US beauty blogger, Wellesley & King, reviews the best face serums: Glossier The Super Pack Face Serums

Since first trying the brand a year ago, I’ve become a huge fan of the your-skin-but-better vibe that is present in all of the Glossier products.  My first purchase was the Generation G matte lipstick and the Haloscope highlighter stick. As with almost all of the Glossier products, these enhance your natural beauty–rather than mask it–with sheer, natural coverage. The Haloscope highlighter stick in particular creates the most beautiful highlight without looking overly sparkly or fake. I love the Generation G lipstick, with just a tint of color on the lips to look put together but not too much.

Beauty blogger, Kara Ferguson, reviewed a plethora of Glossier products on her blog Politics of Pretty late last year which was when I first considered the Super Pack. She’s an avid user of the brand, so I trust her opinion. Given my own positive experience with Glossier products, I began reading more reviews on these serums. I quickly found myself noticing the Super Pack included some of the best face serums, targeted to specific needs, so I decided to give it a try.

I have now been using the Super Pack serums for a few months. Since then, I’ve noticed that my skin feels so soft and smooth, and much more hydrated. Especially during the dry winter months, this is a pretty big feat. For the price point, you’re most definitely getting your money’s worth!

The Glossier Super Pack Serums comes as a set of three: Super Pure, Super Bounce, and Super Glow. (Note: You can also purchase each serum individually, but if you’re buying more than one, it’s more cost-effective to buy the set.)

If your skin problem is dehydration, try the Super Bounce Face Serum

Of the three, this serum is my favorite. It contains hyaluronic acid to hydrate and soften tight skin. I’ve been using this product for about a month now, and my skin feels baby soft. I apply it each night when I get out of the shower, before applying any moisturizers, and my skin feels instantly hydrated. The consistency of this serum is slightly thicker than the other two, and I only need a few drops to feel a noticeable difference in my skin.

If your skin problem is dull and tired skin, try the Super Glow Face Serum

This is my second favorite of the trio. I use it when I’m feeling extra tired and my skin is in need of a little oomph (this is pretty often now that I am taking care of a newborn). After a few drops, my skin has a nice dewy texture and looks generally more supple. On occasion, I’ll also apply a drop of this after foundation and powder just to create that dewy finish.

If your skin problem is breakouts, try the Super Pure Face Serum

To be honest, I use this face serum the least. It is intended for red, breakout-prone skin. However, since being pregnant, I haven’t experienced my pre-pregnancy breakouts which is why this serum gets little attention. That said, I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin due to the super pure, but that may just be  result of not using it consistently enough.

All three serums are designed to be used on their own or together–though it’s recommended to only use one application of each per day. On most days I use the Super Bounce, and a few days a week I will apply the Super Glow over top. With every use, my skin drinks these right up, feeling almost immediately softer and more hydrated. It’s official, I’m convinced that the best face serums are all packed into this chic trio.

Beauty buffs, what is your favorite face serum? Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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