American Sniper


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Turtleneck | Vest | Jeans | Bag | Booties | Watch

Let me start by saying that I did not purposely plan to wear camo to see this movie. That was the first thing Arnie asked me when I came out, dressed to leave. This is my disclaimer.

I thought the movie was great for so many reasons, though you may not have known it since I continued to cry for the next hour afterwards. (Another disclaimer: I am an overly emotional person to begin with.) Maybe it is my job, maybe it is knowing people currently in or those who have previously served in the military, maybe it is knowing that it was based on a true story. Whatever the case, I was deeply moved by the film. If you have seen it, I have to think you felt something as you exited the theater. If you haven’t seen it, you will understand what I mean if you do. It is certainly impossible to leave without feeling proud of our country and those who serve.

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