Mott and Bow Review: What to Know Before Buying

When Mott and Bott first reached out to me, I had honestly never heard of the brand and I was a skeptical at first. I’ve been a pretty loyal Madewell fan since I bought my first pair many years ago. I don’t always feel like branching out of my comfort zone once I’ve found something that works for me.

Since then, I’ve gone through just about every product on the Mott & Bow site and love their mission: elevated basics, at fair prices. Based on my experience, they’re absolutely living up to their promise!

Mott & Bow offered to send me a pair of their denim to try out and, after trying them for several years now, I’m coming back to update my review for you guys. While Mott & Bow did gift this pair of jeans, I’m under no obligation to write this post. However, because I genuinely love them so much, I want to share them with you guys!

Now more than ever, I’m finding that the main focus of my wardrobe is comfort. (That sounds so cliche, I almost regret typing it.) Knowing that I’m going to be a human burp cloth and/or jungle gym makes it quite difficult to find motivation for anything else. That being the case, in addition to being thoroughly impressed with the quality of these jeans, I’m beyond thrilled with the comfortability.

Mott and Bow Skinny Jeans Review

Mott & Bow High-Rise Skinny Jean

Mott & Bow offered to send me a free pair of denim and one of their t-shirts to try out the brand. I decided on the Jane, High-Rise Skinny in the Faded Medium/Dark Blue wash. I’m wearing a size 24, and they are perfectly snug and so soft. I would compare the comfort level to the feel of a heavier knit legging.

As an aside, I first selected the Mom Jeans, which I absolutely love on other people, but even the smallest pair was too big for me. They did a weird baggy thing in the crotch that I was just not fond of.

Tips for Buying Denim with Mott & Bow

  • Purchase them snug. Your jeans should fit on the snug side (not I-can-barely-zip-them snug, but snug). After a few wears, you’ll notice that they actually form to your body shape.
  • Take advantage of the free try-on. Mott & Bow offers a Free At-Home Try-On program, which allows you to try two pairs and send back the one that doesn’t fit, using a pre-paid shipping label. I found that their sizing was on par with other brands I’ve tried, and would state that they run true to size.
  • You can return items within 30 days for a full refund, less the cost of shipping. If you’re unsure of which style(s) you like, consider purchasing a few options and returning the ones that do not work out. Mott & Bow will allow full refunds for any items returned within the 30 days.
  • Wash inside out and hang to dry. Once you purchase a pair of premium denim, you’ll want to take care of your investment. Use cold water, and wash your jeans inside out, then hang them to air dry–never use the dryer as it breaks down the fibers causing them to lose their shape.

Mott & Bow Prices Compared to Other Quality Denim

In terms of price point, they’re on par with Madewell–another one of my personal favorites, as I’ve mentioned. I would say that these feel much softer and stretchier than my Madewell pairs. I think the fabric quality for the price point arguably surpasses Madewell. I would compare them to my Current Elliott Stiletto jeans, but $100 less! After two years worth of wears and [occasional] washes (because, yes, I’m one of those people who avoids washing their denim at all costs), the fabric has held up exceptionally well.

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More Elevated Basics from Mott and Bow

I’m also wearing the Boxi Semi Crop t-shirt, and love the quality of this tee. The fabric is so soft, just the right amount of stretch, not too sheer or too heavy. It retails for $30 and is absolutely worth the price. This is similar to my Cuyana and Everlane tees, which are both of exceptional quality. In the past, I’ve mostly worn J.Crew or Gap Body tees but recently upgraded my worn-out basics. This Mott & Bow version is easily on par with the quality I’m searching for.

Have you tried Mott & Bow? If so, which styles? I’d love to hear your feedback on this brand!

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  1. 9.10.19
    Eli said:

    I didn’t know this brand! But they look great on you so I might give it a try 😉
    Btw, I’ve just found your blog (through Pinterest) and I loved it! I really like your style. So I’m sure I’ll come back again to visit you.

    I hope you stop by my blog and leave your thoughts there 😉
    Have a great day!


    • 9.10.19

      Hi Eli! So glad you found Wellesley & King! Your blog is adorable, I love your style! Thanks for stopping by to introduce yourself!

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