Target is Killing It With These Affordable Booties Under $50

I have long been saying that Target is a treasure trove for affordable shoe selections. They do an incredible job creating affordable options that replicate their high-end siblings. The best part? You won’t feel buyer’s remorse with these under $50 (mostly $40) price points!

That being said, you’re also likely to get what you pay for with this retailer, so be prepared to only see your purchase last a couple of seasons. If you’re excessively wearing your Target shoes, it’s highly possible that you’ll be tossing them in a year or two. But hey-when you’re opting for a fashionable option-that’s a guilt-free way to try out the trend!

Here’s what I’m loving from Target this season:


I’ve always liked the look of suede (or faux suede) for casual fall outfits. It pairs very well with jeans, and simple black dresses. When worn in a style with a block heel, it’s often a very comfortable option for weekend attire. With either a low or higher heel, there are several chic styles in this favorite fall fabric.

Sleek designs

As I get older, my style preferences gravitate more towards minimalistic and simple, clean lines than my former love affairs with bows, lace, and lots of detailing. I’ve found over the years that I tend to tire of those styles more quickly, and instead find myself wishing for something more versatile.

The styles below all share the common theme of sleek designs: often with only a singular detail (like a zipper, or perforated layer). In my opinion, that’s what will allow these options to transition from year to year. The less detailing, the more likely the piece will seamlessly flow into whatever of-the-moment trends are peaking next year.

Block heels

Whether natural wood in color, or painted to match the color of the shoe, a block heel makes for a comfortable ride. That’s great news for us ladies who are on our feet a good bit at work, or even just for days where you’re exploring town on weekends but want something dressier than a pair of sneakers. Block heels are the common theme between all of my favorites below.

Versatile colors

Though Target does have several options in trendy colors like white and metallics, I find those to be just a bit too temporary for my liking. I could see those quickly getting pushed to the back of the closet, as I instead reach for more versatile options. Most of the below picks are featured in classics like black, cognac, and taupe–all of which are no-fail colors no matter what your fall wardrobe entails!

Let me know: which shoe is your favorite and why?

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