The 5 Best Dark Nail Colors for Fall & Winter

Is it just me, or is there something about having your nails done that makes you feel put together? Even if I don’t have time to curl my hair or put on a full face of makeup, I love a fresh manicure. During the fall and winter especially, it’s so fun to try all of the rich, deep tones of the winter season.

I’m partial to OPI nail colors; I prefer the slightly thicker consistency of the lacquer. Plus, they have the most fun names, don’t they? These are five dark nail colors to try this fall and winter:

The 5 Best Dark Nail Colors for Fall and Winter

5 Best Dark Nail Colors for Fall and Winter featured by top Pittsburgh fashion blog Wellesley & King

Deep Metallic Brown

Pictured: OPI Midnight in Moscow

A really beautiful deep brown with flecks of very subtle red sparkle. I’ve owned this color for going on ten years–so much so that I’ve bought multiple bottles in case it becomes unavailable. The flecks of gold make for a really pretty touch to an otherwise dark polish.

OPI Nail Color for Fall and Winter featured by top Pittsburgh fashion blog Wellesley & King

Dark Blue-Reds

Pictured: OPI Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ

A super deep blue-red that looks great on many skin tones. I especially love it on ladies with really pale skin–very cool and chic with a clean, short nail.

5 Best Dark Nail Colors for Fall and Winter featured by top Pittsburgh fashion blog Wellesley & King

Deep Plum

Pictured: OPI Yes, My Condor Can Do

From this fall’s Peru collection, I’ve been wearing this brownish-plum on repeat throughout fall. Looks great on any skin tone, and is a really rich and beautiful tone for the winter months.

OPI Nail Color for Fall and Winter featured by top Pittsburgh fashion blog Wellesley & King

Almost Black

Pictured: OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight

A deep plum (almost looks black on the nails) for days when you’re feeling like you want that uber chic, super dark nail. There’s something so cool about this color, and it’s one that I’ve gone back to for many years.

OPI Nail Colors featured by top Pittsburgh fashion blog Wellesley & King

Reddish Brown

Pictured: OPI Como Se Llama

A muted red-brown. Looks so flattering on ladies with medium and tan skin tones. I’ve been wearing this color a lot throughout the fall and holiday seasons. It’s a nice option when you’re looking for a red that isn’t too red.

Shop Nail Polish

Where to Buy Quality Nail Polish

You can find high-quality nail polish at so many retailers nowadays. From drugstores to luxury beauty retailers, there are truly great options at every price point.

Target Target carries the clean nail polish brand, Olive & June, which is taking social media by storm at the moment. They boast long-wearing polishes without the toxins found in many other popular brands, like Essie and OPI.

ULTA – Ulta carries a wide range of brands but my tried-and-true favorites are Essie and OPI. Essie is a polish while OPI is a lacquer, so you’ll notice a difference in the consistency immediately. Essie’s Gel Topcoat continues to be my favorite topcoat after testing a variety of different options, including Olive & June and Seche Vite.

Amazon – Honestly, Amazon has the most options and the fastest shipping. It’s definitely a great option for buying online. They often have colors that I can’t find in stores, too.

Sephora – Sephora carries higher-end brands like Deborah Lipmann. Purchases here also add to your Beauty Insider Points. This is a great option for buying nail polish sets and gifting them out–either as a whole set or individually for party favors or stocking stuffers.

The Best Nail Polish Top Coats

The best top coats are ones that dry FAST! I’ve tried a bunch over the years and always go back to these three options:

  1. Essie Gel Top Coat – hands down, my favorite. It has maximum shine and dries super fast!
  2. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat – Another high shine option with quick drying power. The downside on this one is its toxicity. This one is not safe for pregnant/nursing women in CA and you can smell the chemicals instantly.
  3. Olive & June Top Dry Drops – The dry drops are a little messy, so you want to use them over an absorbent towel, especially when doing your toes. I made the mistake of dropping them on over our wood floor and it involved a bit of cleanup. They do work though; nails dry super fast with these!

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