4 Stylish Ways to Hide Toys with IKEA Products

Playrooms are hard to keep clean, there’s no question about it. Kids have a lot of stuff and, as they get older, it seems like the stuff comes in twice as fast. Keeping it organized is truly an ongoing project. I know our playroom will continue to evolve as our kids get older and their interests change and finding stylish storage ideas to hide kids toys is an ongoing process.

For now, we’re utilizing the IKEA Stuva benches (which have since been upgraded to include an internal shelf) to store toys and keep them concealed. However, through my Pinterest searches, I’ve also bookmarked a few other storage ideas for kids’ toys that I think are equally beautiful and functional.

4 Stylish Ways to Hide Toys with IKEA Products

IKEA is invaluable when it comes to storage and organization solutions on a budget. Despite having to put them together yourself, the time it takes to do so is well worth the end result: tidy spaces that won’t break the bank. These 4 stylish ways to hide toys with IKEA products are ideal for spaces of all sizes and will easily blend with your decor aesthetic.


The Kallax is probably the most well-known of the IKEA storage options. The open shelving makes for a great Montessori-style workspace, where the child is able to see and choose the work that they’d like to try for the day.

Pros: The best part of this storage solution is how versatile it is. Adding a set of decorative legs, customizing it with doors and drawers, or simply swapping out the baskets are all easy upgrades to try with this solution. It’s a style chameleon and really affordable–win, win!

Cons: Not many. This is a great one-stop solution. If anything, it may be a little bulky for tighter spaces. Overall, a great option.

Shop KALLAX System here.


The IVAR is quite possibly my favorite IKEA storage solution for the sole reason that it is so insanely customizable. The options on this are truly endless.

Pros: From cabinets to drawers, shelving units, to corner sections, this solution does it all. The cabinet options are also available in a totally on-trend cane version, which looks really chic with no additional work.

Cons: To make it fit your decor, you’ll probably want to give it a coat of paint and/or new hardware. But if you do, it’ll look like a luxury piece of furniture! (Try searching IKEA IVAR hack on Pinterest for some beautiful makeovers.)

Shop IVAR system here.


IKEA’s Trofast system is another highly versatile and super customizable option for concealing kids’ toys. This system can be anything from a Montessori-inspired wardrobe (some great hacks for that on Pinterest) to a fully organized wall of labeled drawers.

Pros: This system can be configured in all sorts of ways, including as a free-standing solution on the floor, or mounted on the wall above a desk or play area.

Cons: This option is one that would work great in a playroom, but not the prettiest for a main living area–mostly because it looks less like furniture and more like storage.

Shop Trofast here.


The last option, which has recently gone through a redesign, is the SMASTAD drawer/bench. This used to be the STUVA bench, which recently went through a redesign.

Pros: This system can easily store large toys, and the new shelf is ideal for smaller board games or flat puzzles. This system also doubles as seating by adding some throw pillows or seat cushions on top–a great double-duty option for small spaces.

Cons: The drawers are deep so it’s easy for toys to get lost or jumbled if you don’t add bins inside as well.

Shop SMASTAD drawer here.
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