3 Ways to Extend Your Workwear for a Baby Bump

With my own growing baby bump, I’m slowly learning a few tricks to dressing professionally without having to purchase an entirely new wardrobe. (For the record, I’m doing everything I can to make my existing wardrobe work around this changing body for as long as possible. I’m simply not interested in spending a fortune on maternity wear that I know is temporary.) If I could pass along the top three tips I’ve learned, it would be these:

petite maternity outfits-fall maternity outfits-32

How to Extend Your Workwear for a Baby Bump

Invest in Maternity Work Pants

I say that I’m not interested in purchasing an entirely new wardrobe, but work pants are non-negotiable if you work in a professional office building like I do. The alternative, I found, was purchasing regular-sized pants in varying sizes as you grow, which, to me, seemed way less cost-effective. I was able to score these petite maternity ankle pants from LOFT on sale at $45. (I immediately purchased three pairs and have been rotating through them nearly every single day at work.) Trust me, they’re so much more comfortable than dealing with the waistbands of regular pants, and they’ll continue to grow with you throughout your pregnancy.

petite maternity outfits-fall maternity outfits-32

Become Best Friends with Blazers, Open Vests, and Cardigans

Blazers, vests, and cardigans are practical options because you can buy them in your regular size and they’ll last beyond your pregnancy. Personally, I prefer a longer option that hits at or below the hip. That length typically aligns with an untucked dress shirt, and creates an elongating effect for your upper body. For the entire first trimester, I relied heavily on my cardigans and blazers to camouflage my belly, and they were truly a Godsend.

petite maternity outfits-fall maternity outfits-32

Embrace Swing, Peplum, and Button-Up Blouses

Like cardigans and blazers, all of the above can also be purchased in your regular size and worn post-pregnancy. I’ve found myself able to wear many of my regular-sized tops in these styles up through my second trimester. Now, I fully expect that this is going to come to an end in the next month as I enter the home stretch, but hey, I’m okay with investing in a few maternity cotton tops to get me through the last trimester when the time comes.

petite maternity outfits-fall maternity outfits-32

Create the Look

Regent blazer in linen
Express Slim Fit Striped Portofino Shirt
LOFT Petite Maternity Skinny Ankle Pants
Kate Spade New York Candace Leather Satchel
Kate Spade New York Licorice Suede Point-Toe Pumps, Light Camel
Express Petite Slim Fit Stripe Portofino Shirt
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