3 Tips for the Best Cheese Plate to Take Along

3 tips to make the Best Cheese Plate featured by top US lifestyle blog, Wellesley & King: image of a beautiful easy cheese plate3 tips to make the Best Cheese Plate featured by top US lifestyle blog, Wellesley & King: image of a beautiful easy cheese plate

A cheese plate is a really simple and completely delicious dish for any gathering. Whether you are hosting or attending a get-together this holiday season, this take-along snack is the perfect option. Depending on whether you’re a cheese connoisseur, you may find yourself a little bit overwhelmed by the vast selection at your local grocery store. Not to worry though, you need only know a few simple tips to create the best cheese plate by following these 3 tips.

Tip #1 for the Best Cheese Plate: Choose at least One Hard and One Soft Cheese

You’ll find that the cheese selection in your grocery store is likely sorted based on whether it is soft or hard. I like to have an option that is soft and spreadable, and something hard or semi-hard. Goat cheese and brie are both great options for soft cheeses, while toscano and manchego are deliciously mild hard and semi-hard options, and of course, you can never go wrong with a sharp cheddar. I personally love to shop at Trader Joe’s, and they typically have labels accompanying each of the cheeses with recommendations on how to pair them. You can also ask your grocer for their recommendations, or do a search on Pinterest.

Tip #2 for the Best Cheese Plate: Add in Something Sweet and Something Salty

I’m a huge fan of dried cranberries or apricots, pitted and stuffed olives, and cashews: something sweet and something salty. I’m also one to include some fresh hummus to compliment the crackers and a drizzle of honey is another favorite.

Tip #3 for the Best Cheese Plate: Layer on 2 Kinds of Fresh Bread or Crackers

A crusty bread cut into cubes or a sliced baguette are go-to options. If you’re looking for a hard cracker instead, try one that’s a simple buttery version and one with add-ins, like dried pomegranates and sesame seeds.

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