3 Simple Ways to Stay Inspired as an Influencer

In your career (or education, if you’re still in school), have you ever felt burnt out or uninspired? I think it’s something we all  go through at one point or another, and how could we not? Frankly. it’s tough to find inspiration when you are in a daily grind–the routine of going to work, the gym, and taking care of things at home day after day. Most of us don’t have the luxury of traveling to exotic resorts or countries on a regular basis to create new experiences/content, etc. which means that we have to find ways to maintain that inspiration on regular basis in other ways. For me, sticking to these simple tricks help me reset and provide that new perspective to get inspired.

1. Read, read, read.

This is possibly the single, most effective form of inspiration for me. I’m not necessarily talking about getting lost in a novel (though, if that’s your M.O. by all means, go for it!), I’m talking about blog posts, news articles, journal entries, etc. These are typically much shorter and quicker reads than a book, and can give you a lot of content in way less time which–for many of us–time is of the essence.

I also really love to listen to podcasts. Anyone who is close to me hears me say, “On this podcast I was listening to…” about 30 times a day. There’s an immense about of learning to be had from listening to podcasts. I’ve recently been loving all of the great business advice on the Elle & Company podcast, along with How I Built This, and the Food Blogger Pro podcast.

2. Put yourself in a new environment.

For me, spending day in and day out at the office, then coming straight home to our little apartment can become monotonous. For that reason, I find myself picking up and heading to a coffee shop to get some work done. The change in environment can really allow me to find my focus, and see things from a new perspective. There have been times when I’ve struck up conversations with people in these places, and ending up finding inspiration that way. I’ve also found that coffee shops tend to be a gathering place for other creatives, so your day out can quickly turn into a networking opportunity if you’re open to it. (While I’m using coffee shops as my example, I also love to go to a park, or take a walk around the neighborhood–anything to give yourself a change of scenery.)

3. Try something you’ve never experienced before.

One of the things so many of us are guilty of is staying in our comfort zones. I do this all the time–it’s just so easy to stick to what you know. Unfortunately, avoiding new experiences is no way to grow and growth is what leads to inspiration. For that reason, it’s important to challenge yourself now and then to try something new. The experience may inspire a new post or video idea, or even lead to a new collaboration with a brand or business. Bottom line, if you only stick with what you know, you’re bound to find yourself in a creative rut.

Usually this three simple tips help turn my attention around and open my mind to new thoughts when I’m feeling out of ideas. In fact, they often leave me with so much positive energy that I want to get straight to work! But these are just a few tips, and there are many more ways to find your inspiration out there. I’d love to hear how you do it–send me your ideas in the comment section below.

How do you stay inspired when you’re feeling out of ideas? Share your own tips in the comments below.


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