Discover YOUR Best Colors with House of Colour

Have you ever put on an outfit that you absolutely loved on the hanger, but doesn’t look quite right on? It could be tailored to fit you perfectly, yet still doesn’t make you feel like your absolute best. It’s very possible that, in those cases,…

How Going Toxin-Free Can Change Your Life

Understanding what it means to live “toxin-free” is a mystery to many, BUT it’s a conversation that is being had more and more. Learning how the ingredients in your beauty and household products affect your health is so important, in large part because the companies producing these products are doing…

Three Stella & Dot Necklaces I Wear on Repeat

In 2017, I purchased three Stella & Dot necklaces–my first purchase from the brand. Immediately, I was impressed with how heavy and well-made each piece was. Often times when you purchase trendy or costume jewelry, you’ll quickly find it to be constructed of cheaper materials. To my surprise, this was…

My "Real" Job

If you didn't know, this blog is actually my side hustle. My "real" job is working with other small businesses to make an unforgettable first impression. My business, Wellesley & King Creative, is dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs take their brand to the next level with standout imagery, simple web designs, and compelling online marketing. Learn more about W&KC!