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  • Got my spring #capsulewardrobe together, it it is one of my absolute favorites! The first outfit post is officially live on #wellesleyandking. Head to the link in my bio to see the full look! 💕 #springstyle #springcapsulewardrobe #capsulecloset #pghblogger #sscollective #theblogsocieties #myshopstyle #stylebloggers
  • We’ve been traveling a whole bunch to see family since Josephine was born, and this set of @drunkelephant “Littles” makes packing so easy. I can just grab and go, and I don’t have to worry about forgetting something in my skincare routine. It’s also a great option if you just want to give @drunkelephant products a try, since you ultimately get a complete starter kit. I linked it for you in my bio “Shop” page if you’re thinking of trying it! #drunkinlove #skincare #beautyblogger
  • It’s going to be SEVENTY degrees in Pittsburgh today. Honestly, wtf. Might as well take advantage of the opportunity to bust out some open-toe shoes, who’s with me?! #springfashion #springstyle #pghblogger #pittsburgh #pittsburghblogger #styleblogger
  • I feel like I’ve never been more thirsty than I have been since starting to breastfeed little Jo, and sometimes I want something with more flavor than plain water. Enter hint water. They have no sugar or sweeteners, only water and natural flavors, and are Whole30 approved (good to know in case I ever go back to Whole30). I’ve become obsessed with them! #notsponsored #hintwater #cleaneats #naturalfood #whole30approved
  • This week, my little girl turns 2 months old. These first months with her have been exhausting and trying on many occasions. But they have also been the most amazing and rewarding of my entire life, and I am just overwhelmed with love for her. During this last month together before going back to work, I’m savoring every moment. Every snuggle, I’m holding her a little tighter. I can’t let my thoughts linger for too long on leaving her for full days, and instead making the most of the time we have together. #newmama #babygirl #newmom #momlife

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