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3 Easy Tips for Hosting a Holiday Dinner Party

One of the most fun parts about the holiday season is getting together with friends and family, and hosting a festive dinner party is the perfect excuse for an evening of cheer. While it may seem stressful to some, especially those who aren’t as comfortable…

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4 Holiday Trends You Can Wear Year After Year


What to Wear to A Feminine Winter Brunch

Attending or hosting a winter brunch is a wonderful way to spend time with friends, especially during the holidays. Whether you’re hosting the party or attending as a guest, the two most important decisions are¬†what to wear and what to make for your winter brunch. In today’s post, I’m sharing…

Where to Find The Best Holiday PJs

When it comes to cheesy holiday traditions, you can sign me right on up for every single one of them–starting with a fresh set of Holiday PJs for Santa. I’ve been rotating through Holiday PJs since the day after Thanksgiving and there’s nothing slowing me down between now and the…